How To Change The Rear Hatch Shock Lifts in a Previa

First, order up a pair of shocks from ebay. Best price we’ve found for a brand new set and comes with a “life-time warranty”.

Second, make sure you have another pair of hands to help out with this one. You’ll be surprised just how heavy that rear hatch is once you unscrew one hatch shock. Something else to try, which we didn’t, is to measure and cut a 2×4 the height of the open door to help support. This is probably an even better idea if you’re not working with power tools to help speed up the process. The person helping will definitely tire out while waiting for you to get that elbow grease working.

Third, have those new hatch shocks near by ready to go. Then unscrew one hatch shock and replace with the new one as quickly as possible. Obviously don’t unscrew both sides at once as that would be impossible to hold the door in place.

Now get your buddy a cold one for helping you out.